Agenda 2050 Bogotá

Agenda 2050 Bogotá

Agenda 2050 Bogotá - Cumbre MundialIn the framework of the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders, Bogota invites you to participate in the Parallel Agenda that projects the city of Bogota at the year 2050, which will take place in Corferias simultaneously to UCLGStatutory Agenda. More than 50 special sessions and workshops will be conducted to exchange experiences and good practices around the challenges and opportunities in local governance and urban development. About 180 international, national and local experts will share with the public their best practices around four themes: Development and City, Environmental Sustainability, Education, Culture and Society, and Governance.


Other scenarios and innovative activities will be proposed by the city of Bogota during the Summit, as Bogota Expo and a Scale Model of 100% of the city, printed in 3D with a mapping system, which will display the current city and the Bogota of the future.


ENRIQUE PEÑALOSA, Mayor of Bogotá D.C., Colombia 

Cumbre Mundial Bogota - Enrique PeñalosaIn his 2016-2020 Development Plan "Bogota Best for All", Enrique Peñalosa, Mayor of Bogota D.C., imagine a city where happiness is the engine of social development of its citizens, based on three pillars: Quality of Life, Urban Democracy and Community Building.
After advising cities in mobility in many countries, Peñalosa plans to build the first Metro line, additional Transmilenio lanes, 6 hospitals, 30 schools, the Command and Control Center for Citizen Safety, and strengthen Bogota’s environmental structure through the circuit formed by the Trail of Butterflies, the Pier of Bogota River, Tunjuelo, San Rafael and Tomine parks.

AMANDA BURDEN (United States), Urban Planning Director at Bloomberg Associates

Cumbre Mundial Bogotá - Amanda BurdenUrban planner, she was director of the New York City Department of City Planning and Chair of the City Planning Commission under Mayor Michael Bloomberg from 2002 to 2013. She has become an internationally recognized consultant advising international cities to improve the quality of life of its citizens. She is currently Director of Urban Planning at Bloomberg Associates.


GUILLERMO DIETRICH (Argentina), Minister of Transport of Argentina

Cumbre Mundial Bogotá - Guillermo DietrichEconomist with a degree in negotiation and MBA Magna Cum Laude from the IAE Business School of the Universidad Austral. As Undersecretary of Transportation in the Government of the City of Buenos Aires between 2009 and 2015, he developed the Metrobus, the network of bikeways "bicisendas", he restricted car use in the city center and led the pedestrianisation of 33 blocks. In 2015, he was appointed Minister of Transport of Argentina by the current President Mauricio Macri.