Cinema Forum at the Bogotá Summit: Present your videos!

Cinema Forum at the Bogotá Summit: Present your videos!

Are you, your city or organization thinking of taking part in the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders? You can also participate by presenting a video that demonstrates your work, a project or policy, or a problem faced by your community.


The use of videos has enabled the work of local governments, community actors and activists to have a greater impact. Many of them use videos to gather support and spread awareness about local urban issues, as well as a means of sharing solutions found to address them. The democratization of access to digital technologies has afforded actors that had previously been absent the capacity to publicize their efforts through this medium.

If you are a local government, association, civil society actor or local activist that uses videos in your work, we want to hear your story and see your product.

We would also like to know: How have videos helped you? How do your public policies and institutional identity translate to the virtual world? In what ways do videos benefit organizational processes for communities?

How to participate

All you have to do is tell us your story in 300 words, including the issue and/or solution addressed, and send us the video.
The video must:

  • Be no longer 30 minutes in duration
  • Share a perspective of a local issue or recommendation on the relationship between the global and the local 
  • Be clear and understandable
  • Be in English, Spanish or French, or have English subtitles

Once your proposal is ready, send it by to before 15 September 2016, writing "Cinema Forum" in the content of the message.


The videos selected will be projected in the Cinema Forum space at the World Congress of Local and Regional Leaders in Bogotá, Colombia, from 13 to 15 October 2016.