The countdown begins!

The countdown begins!

How can the challenges of the 21st century be faced in an increasingly urbanized world to favour human, social and economic development be created?

The World Summit of local and regional leaders will be celebrated from 12 to 15 october 2016 in Bogota (Colombia)

Mark these dates in your calendar!

Held every three years, the United Cities and Local Governments Congress, commonly known as the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders, is the event of reference for all local and regional leaders. Previous editions have seen the event take on huge importance at the heart of the international community, becoming a key date in the calendar of local and regional governments around the world.

Why attend? UCLG World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders, Bogotá 2016

The UCLG World Congress brings together over 3000 local and regional leaders: representatives of cities, metropolises and regions, civil society, business and academia, who come from around the globe to exchange ideas with their international counterparts.

Local voices for a better world

How can the challenges of the 21st century be faced in an increasingly urbanized world? How can cities and territories that favour human, social and economic development be created? Under the title Local voices for a better world, the World Summit will address the challenges of cities as generators of development and the priorities for the New Urban Agenda, as well as its implementation and financing at the local level.

A place for public debates, the Summit will include several types of events, such as high-level dialogues and workshops, to study in‑depth and debate the most pressing issues in the field of local governance and urban sustainability.

Bogotá and UCLG’s global network will offer a dynamic, innovative and environmentally friendly meeting which will back sustainable transport by using cleaner fuels and low-carbon technologies and the creation of decent employment opportunities through entrepreneurial projects linking small business owners who are committed to the future of the city.  Bogotá will also provide spaces for citizens and visitors to enjoy a rehabilitated, transformed, beautiful and globally recognized city.


A Summit in two stages, from Bogotá to Quito 

The General Assembly is UCLG’s highest decision-making body. A truly unique parliament, it gathers local and regional governments and their associations - of all sizes - who take joint decisions on the future development agenda.

In framework of the UCLG World Congress to be held in Bogotá, the second session of the Second World Assembly of Local and Regional Authorities will take place. The first session will be held in Surabaya, Indonesia, from 25 to 27 July, and the third session in Quito, Ecuador, from 17 to 20 October. It is will be essential for local and regional governments to participate in these sessions in order to build the position of local voices towards the new global urban agenda.