The largest global gathering of local voices: defining a better world

The largest global gathering of local voices: defining a better world

The 2016 edition of the UCLG Summit: “Local Voices for a better world” will take place immediately before the Habitat III conference.

Information note_World Summmit of Local and Regional Governments_Bogota 2016The World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders, organized by United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), is the largest, most influential global gathering of mayors, councillors, local governments, and our partners. It’s hoped that this 2016 edition, to be held in Bogotá, Colombia from 12-15 October 2016, will count on over 3,000 locally elected leaders and practitioners in attendance.
The meeting will offer local governments an opportunity to discuss the major social, environmental, economic and cultural trends that are affecting our day-to-day work on the ground, as well as defining the Key Recommendations of Local and Regional Governments to Habitat III taking place straight after.
Don´t miss the chance to join this unique event, to revive the international municipal movement and strengthen the global network of local and regional leaders through face to face meetings, sharing experiences and learning from one another.


What’s at stake? Defining the era of local governments

The 2016 edition of the triennial summit “Local voices for a better future” takes place at a decisive moment for the world and its territories. Urbanization, migration, climate change, increasing inequalities, new technologies and citizen demands for democracy are reshaping our societies and our planet.
It is clear that a structural change in how we approach development is needed over the coming decades.  We find ourselves approaching a new era in which local and regional governments, as the level of government closest to the people, are uniquely placed to lead such a structural change by putting people at the centre of development.

An inspiring and novel programme with space for everybody

World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders_innovative programmeTo define an innovative development model with a view to Habitat III, UCLG will present new formats which will explore the structural changes that are needed to face challenges and approach development from a different perspective.
Participants will find a different programme, where, apart from the traditional sessions of plenaries and political discussions, new formats will also be accommodated in order to facilitate meetings and activities for local government communities that will integrate the broad UCLG family into one Network Hub where everyone can exchange and share ideas.
The plenaries and policy dialogues will be based on the cornerstones of the Global Agenda of Local and Regional Governments for the 21st Century. As in previous editions, the Summit will include the celebration of UCLG’s 5th World Congress, as well as plenaries, policy fora and networking activities. The plenaries and policy dialogues will be based on the cornerstones of the Global Agenda of Local and Regional Governments for the 21st Century, where themes related to the implementation and financing of the 2030 Development Agenda - new global governance, the right to the city as the core of the New Urban Agenda - will be debated in relation to Habitat III with meetings for communities of local governments to discuss issues relevant to the perspectives of each community.
The World Summit will be marked by the celebration of the Second World Assembly of Local and Regional Governments.  The Second World Assembly is an initiative of the Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments (GTF), facilitated by UCLG.  The Assembly is the mechanism through which the local and regional government constituency will make its joint inputs to the Habitat III process. It is a process held in three parts; the second part will take place in Bogota and the third and last just after in Quito in the framework of the United Nations conference.