New forms of collaborative work to co-create the city at the UCLG World Congress

New forms of collaborative work to co-create the city at the UCLG World Congress

Co-create the city - World Summit BogotaUCLG is using the concept of "co-creating the city" to experiment with new forms of networked collaboration at the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders. This initiative also aims to explore new ways of debating and communicating with civil society and experts in futurology.

"Co-creating the city" will be a permanent working platform based on work building up to the Summit. This work will be completed in Bogotá with the in-person and online participants

The World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders will include two sessions using this methodology, one on the right to the city, and the other on the future of cities.
The platform on the "Right to the City" will bring together participants from civil society with the aim of co-creating a guide to practical strategies for the implementation of the Right to the City. This guide will consist of a series of concrete, pragmatic public policy tips, with practical examples.
2. 'The Right to the Alive City' (12 October, 12:00 GMT -6)
3. 'The Right to the City of Learning' (13 October, 09:00 GMT -6)
4.'The Right to the Democratic City' (13 October, 11:00 GMT -6)
5. 'The Right to the Diverse City' (14 October, 09:00 GMT -6)
6. 'The Right to the Fair City' (14 October, 18:00 GMT -6)
The platform on the "Future of Cities" will see futurologists explain the major patterns of change in cities. Local governments from around the world will share their experiences of City Labs. The result of this platform will be a collection of key concepts that local and regional governments should take into account, despite their absence from the debates at Habitat III. IFTF has identified the following key concepts in preparation for the session:
  • Governance Futures
  • Vehicle Energy Systems
  • Microbial Health Economy
  • Criminal Innovation Zones
  • Workable Futures
  • Learning Cities
  • Open Innovation Cities
  • Seven Economy Future
On the second day of the permanent working platform, the participants of "Right to the City" and the "Future of Cities" will come together for the "All Bring Expertise" meeting.

How can I participate in the permanent working platform?

The main goal of this session is to spark a debate on the strategies that can be used today to tackle social problems and inequality and the strategies that can be used in the future to prepare for major patterns of change.

Follow the debates and join the conversation via the #UCLGCongress #Right2City and #FutureofCities hashtags. Get in touch if you're interested in participating in the preparation of the platform. See you at the UCLG World Congress to co-create the city.