Karim Hendili

Karim Hendili

Coordinateur du Programme Villes, Centre du patrimoine mondial, UNESCO

Karim Hendili is architect and holds a Masters in urban and architectural heritage conservation. Since 2002, he has been working at UNESCO where he has been Programme Specialist for Culture since 2008. Based in Bahrain from 2008 to 2011, he founded with the Ministry of Culture the Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage (ARC-WH), a public institution under the auspices of UNESCO assisting the Arab countries in the implementation of the World Heritage Convention.

Since his return to UNESCO Headquarters, end of 2011, Karim Hendili has been focusing on capacity building on the principles and mechanisms of the application of the World Heritage Convention. He has also been working on the issue of safeguarding of cultural heritage in countries in conflict situations (Syria, Iraq and Libya). Since 2012, Karim Hendili has been the Coordinator of the World Heritage Cities Programme, dedicated to the conservation of urban heritage in the different regions of the world. In the framework of this programme, he is in charge of the development and implementation of the UNESCO Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape (2011). He is part of the team, within the Culture Sector, dealing with UNESCO’s contribution to Habitat III Conference.

"A human-centred city is a culture-centred space. We must translate this reality into more effective policies and sustainable urban governance. Cities have become living laboratories of how some of the most pressing challenges are negotiated, managed and played out. We must ensure that we strengthen the cultural assets of cities, the heritage that gives meaning and identity to people, the creative opportunities that enhance the vitality, liveability and prosperity of our cities." Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO.


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